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Monday, May 27, 2024

Coaching a Winning Team: Being a Sunday School Pastor

Coaching a Winning Team:  Being a Sunday School Pastor should capture the attention of every pastor and church leader who is committed to building an effective Sunday School.  Don Hattaway and Mike Stone have joined efforts with Tim Smith to write a creative and helpful guide to developing an outstanding Sunday School in the local church.  Every coach wants to be a winning coach, but in order to win you must have a good game plan.  If your objective is to have a winning Great Commission Church, this book is your game plan.  Study it, put it into practice, and get ready to win big.
Chapters include:
  1. Establishing Your Coaching Philosophy
  2. Creating a Winning Attitude
  3. The Play Book
  4. Developing a Game Plan
  5. Building and Training Your Team
  6. Practice, Practice, Practice
  7. Scouting the Opposing Team
  8. Assigning Players to their Positions
  9. Cheering on the Team
  10. Dealing with the Monday-Morning Quarterback
  11. Watching the Film
  12. Celebrating the Victories

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